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17 April 2024

Positive experiences at Goodcrew

Our employee N. shares his positive experiences of our services. We recruit crew for inland vessels across Europe. With years of experience, N. highlights the efficiency, care, and unrivalled benefits we offer to the crew.

N.: “Based on my extensive experience, I can say that Goodcrew has the best system for managing and processing crew on inland waterways!” 

Welfare schemes

“They also offer the most benefits and welfare schemes you can get as crew”, N. explains. At the office in Manila, he experienced a very efficient handling and care of the crew. “Everything was arranged quickly and effortlessly. The office staff are extremely welcoming. You immediately feel the positive, harmonious working atmosphere, with excellent teamwork and happy people”, he adds.

Quick processes

N. also emphasises the speed of Goodcrew's processes, where everything is arranged in a short space of time. He also speaks highly of the benefits we offer, which he believes are the best in the industry. He points to the educational assistance scholarship programme, the annual bonus, the competitive salary, the timely payment of wages and the medical insurance - the health card.

Perfectly timed

“These are my main reasons for choosing Goodcrew and being part of their company here on the inland waterways”, he says. N. is also grateful to his employer - Agent Patrick - for the excellent support he received when he arrived in the Netherlands. "Everything was perfectly timed," he concludes.

Our aim is to provide the best working environment for inland navigation crews. In doing so, we want to strengthen our reputation as a leading company in the maritime industry. It's gratifying that an experienced professional like N. is experiencing our efforts in this way! For more information, please browse our website or contact us .

2240610 GoodCrew GmbH   Content april Website
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